Proudly trying to represent!
The 99.995% of California

The "Bill of Rights"

is not

The "Bill of Privileges"

Tyrants, villains & criminals can NOT rescind a RIGHT!

Whores, and stooges!

God save us from our Gov!


The largest building in the world, seven times the size of the Pentagon! will have as it's ONLY mission, TO SPY ON EVERY ASPECT OF THE LIVES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  Tell Congress and the President not to open the Utah Data Center's doors!


God save us!

Concentration Camps in America!

Golden State Gun Grab, "Kiss your RIGHTS goodby!"

Contact your assembly members to tell them to put an end to this latest volley of Second Amendment infringements.

Here's a list of Assembly members.

Click here if you do not know who represents you.

URGE them to end the war on your gun rights and INSIST they vote NO on SB-53, SB-396, SB-374, SB-755, and all other anti-gun bills!

Here's just a sample of the anti-gun bills your State Senate passed this past week:

*** SB-53 requires you to get a permit, a background check, and pay a fee JUST to buy a box of ammunition!

*** SB-396 bans magazines that hold over 10 rounds and makes YOU a criminal if you don't either throw them away or ship them out of state by July 1, 2014. NO grandfathering of magazines you already own.

*** SB-374 prohibits sale, purchase, transfer, manufacture, or importation of ALL semi-automatic rifles that can use a detachable magazine.

*** SB-755 is a private sales ban and forced gun registration scam that would also suspend your right to own ANY firearm for a decade for possessing just a SINGLE bullet in your pocket on school grounds, prohibit you from transferring a firearm to even a family member without government approval, and strip you of your Second Amendment rights for hazing.

That's right. They'd even deny your Second Amendment rights for something as poorly defined as "HAZING."

Government mandated permits, background checks, registration, and fees just to buy a box of ammo...

"This will not affect criminals one whit,"exclaimed State Senator Jim Neilsen in debate.

While you're at it, make sure to leave a message with the all powerful Assembly Public Safety Committee at 916-319-3744 urging them to kill ANY anti-gun legislation!

The second amendment to the Constitution of these United States of America is (if any document ever was) divinely inspired, to regard it as a loosely cobbled together framework of suggestions is both immoral and anti-American!  The second amendment is part of the "Bill Of Rights", NOT the "Bill of Privileges" or even the "Bill of Liberties" and when it says that a RIGHT shall "NOT BE INFRINGED" that is precisely what it means!  A group of Republican Senators have decided to cave in to our dear Presidents weepy dog and pony show, exploiting the hurt and pain of these suffering Connecticut families for his own sinister ends, these turncoat senators are,

 Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) – NRA A rated
Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) – NRA A rated
Richard Burr (N.C.) – NRA A rated
Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) – NRA A rated
Tom Coburn (Okla.) – NRA A rated
Susan Collins (Maine) – NRA C+ rated
Bob Corker (Tenn.) – NRA A rated
Jeff Flake (Ariz.) – NRA A rated
Lindsey Graham (S.C.) – NRA A rated
Dean Heller (Nev.) – NRA A rated
John Hoeven (N.D.) – NRA A rated
Johnny Isakson (Ga.) – NRA A rated
Mark Kirk (Ill.) – NRA F rated
John McCain (Ariz.) – NRA B+ rated
Pat Toomey (Pa.) – NRA A rated
Roger Wicker (Miss.) – NRA A+ rated
13 of these Senators have NRA “A-ratings.”
Call these shameful politicians OUT!

But in addition to these GOP Senators, there's another 9 NRA "A-Rated"
Democrats who voted to stab us in the back. You and I need to turn up
the pressure on them, as well . . .

Joe Donnelly (IN) -- NRA A rated
Martin Heinrich (NM) -- NRA A rated
Tim Johnson (SC) -- NRA A rated
Joe Manchin (WV) -- NRA A rated
Mark Warner (VA) -- NRA A rated
Jon Tester (MT) -- NRA A rated
Max Baucus (MT) -- NRA A rated
Mark Begich (AK) -- NRA A rated
Heidi Heitkamp (ND) -- NRA A rated

There are also other Democrats up for reelection in 2014 like Mary Landrieu
(LA)(who voted anti-gun last Thursday) and Mark Pryor (AR) who are riding
the fence on anti-gun amendments coming to the floor of the Senate.

It's vital they feel grassroots pressure from their constituents.

Smoking the "hope-ium"
Call your Senator and tell them to support Senator Mike Lee of Utah's bill to restrict the creation of unconstitutional anti-gun laws!

CA99.ORG Endorses Paul Broun (R/GA) for US Senate!
largely due to his unwavering support for the second amendment
to the Constitution of these United States of America.

What part of "shall not be infringed" did you not understand?

ANY politician who does not embrace the US Constitution (as written/2nd Amendment) is and should be considered an enemy of the people of these United States of America and as such should be deposed (voted out of office) as soon as legally possible! 

Protect the second amendment!

Fear all government!

The second amendment of the bill of rights in the US Constitution assures that "The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed", the weepy eyed "banners" would try to say that the "well regulated militia" line somehow changes it's obvious meaning, well here's a US government document that bears witness to the truth Read this carefully!

 In a state where it's OK to walk around naked & smoke pot, the whores in Sacramento want to strip you of your constitutional RIGHT to keep & bear arms!

Assault "weapons" factoids

  According to Senator Feinstein, so-called assault weapons have been used in 385 murders since the AWB expired in 2004, or about 48 murders per year. But there were 8,583 total murders with guns in the United States in 2011, meaning so-called assault weapons were used 0.6% of the time.

Further illustrating the small role so-called assault weapons play in crime, FBI data shows that 323 murders were committed with rifles of any kind in 2011. In comparison, 496 murders were committed with hammers and clubs, and 1,694 murders were perpetrated with knives.

Criminals don't need purchase GUNS legally to get them!

American Gun Facts Infographic

"Large magazine" myths!

Unarmed citizens

What it means when you disarm law abiding people

Did you ever think that everything's illegal?
Well, you'd be right!

Police brutality?
Hell yeah!

   If you cannot see the above video, click to download/watch

1984 IS HERE!

All of the General Services Administration on the firing line due to the irresponsibility of a few managers!

The corporate owned and managed whores on Capital Hill, most especially Jeff Denham, the DUI plagued congressman from Merced, CA who will do and say just about anything to get his face on TV.  More on this typical politician can be found at the following link,  Topix article on Jeff Denham.  These crooks, liars and phonies who dearly love to mug, posture and pontificate for the camera, secure in the assumption that the American public is made up of credulous rubes who will swallow any absurd allegations regardless of truth or even basic believability! 

Stratfor, (Big Brother for hire) gets it dirt aired!
Wiki Leaks global information
Huffington Post on Sratfor leaks
Greenleft on Stratfor
ABC News on the Stratfor leaks
Wiki Leaks on Stratfor!

It's high time the rotteness is allowed to air out!

Shout this message, and repeat it everywhere!
I am part of the 99 Percent. And I demand the following:

  1.      End the Fed.
  2.     Reverse Citizens United.
  3.     Repeal PATRIOT Act.
  4.     End for Profit Wars.
  5.     Refund Taxpayer Trillions.
  6.     Imprison the Kleptocrats.
  7.     Single Term Limits.
  8.     Get money out of politics (end Lobbying)
  9.     Real Public funding of campaigns
  10.     Repeal NDAA!

Who assassinated MLK?
MLK family's civil trial verdict, US Government responsible!

The LIE about the cost of "Entitlements" vs military spending!
How the defense industry is helping bankrupt America!

The True cost of "defense"
Get a free PDF reader for the above files

1984? HELL NO, 2000/NOW!

Reverse the NDAA

U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs Bush

US Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs Bush. Click here to learn more.

The US still has "freedom of speech"..

Disclaimer: Free Speech valid only in participating areas and Free Speech Zones. May be revoked at will for reasons of fear, political power, religious, ethnic or economic sensibilities. Not valid in airports or theaters. Subject to taxation and regulation. Can be exercised only with permission of media owners when applicable. Not for use after 9:00 PM local time in town squares, plazas or Wall Street. Identification required. May not be used in the face of law enforcement. May not be used to express politically embarrassing information in wiki form in front of the world at large. Penalties will be incurred if anyone considers said free speech to be promoting of terrorism, or is considered annoying to monied interests, or is enacted by too many people in a public place. Does not apply in the context of an employer/employee relationship. Free speech may not be encrypted in certain areas; check your local laws. Subject to revocation at will by government and corporate interests. Additional fees may apply.

Free speech with the purchase of any congressman/senator.

To avoid American "Freedom of speech" try one of the following.

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25 Signs The Collapse Of America Is Speeding Up As Society Rots From The Inside Out